Artisight Scales AI at the Edge of Healthcare with NVIDIA Clara Guardian

The delivery of healthcare is increasingly challenged with having to do more with less. Smart sensors, such as AI-enabled cameras and microphones, can act as an extra set of eyes and ears to ensure public safety, improve patient care, and enhance operational efficiency within healthcare facilities. It is now possible to leverage these smart sensors to efficiently screen for elevated body temperatures at high rates without physical contact.

COVID-19 Thermal Screening by Artisight and NVIDIA Clara Guardian

COVID-19 Thermal Screening Systems by Artisight have been deployed to several of the nation’s top hospitals. The system has been used to maintain screening rates well over 2,000 healthcare workers per hour at individual check points. Most importantly, the system does so while adhering to levels of privacy above and beyond those required in the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) and Biometric Information Privacy Act (BIPA) of Illinois. 

Delivering AI at the edge greatly reduces cybersecurity, data privacy, and latency issues to ensure a safer workplace and healthcare environment for all. Artisight and NVIDIA are bringing AI to the edge of healthcare with NVIDIA Clara Guardian.

NVIDIA Clara Guardian is a healthcare-specific set of SDKs and application frameworks that run on the NVIDIA EGX platform for AI computing on edge servers and embedded devices. NVIDIA Clara Guardian is an application framework that simplifies the development and deployment of smart sensors with multi-modal AI anywhere in a hospital.

Artisight’s edge thermal solution, powered by NVIDIA Clara Guardian, is keeping patients and hospital staff safe by screening up to hundreds of people per minute using the power of  GPUs,” said Raghav Mani , NVIDIA Product Manager for Healthcare,

“Their HIPAA compliant approach that includes de-identification at data capture is much needed in an industry that deals with highly sensitive patient data.“

By delivering passive, real-time IoT sensor capabilities to enhance staff safety and improve operational efficiencies, Artisight and NVIDIA Clara Guardian are ushering in a new generation of smarter, safer hospitals.

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