Why rebrand? 

First and foremost, our decision to rebrand from Whiteboard Coordinator to Artisight is driven by our desire to more clearly define our privacy-focused vision for improving productivity in healthcare. The name Whiteboard Coordinator reflects our original vision to improve productivity in hospital operating rooms, where intelligent sensors married to digital whiteboards replace the old dry-erase whiteboards that historically served as a kind of air-traffic-control for the operative theater. While we were not the first to leverage digital technology to reimagine the analog dry-erase whiteboard, we were the first to create an integrated platform of smart sensors and high performance computing resources, all kept privately behind the hospital firewall, to solve healthcare’s most challenging productivity problems.

As we began to solve previously intractable productivity problems in the operating room using this new breed of digital healthcare infrastructure, it became clear that this platform had the inherent flexibility to solve problems as diverse as making ambulatory clinics more efficient, preventing inpatient falls, and increasing inpatient bed capacity. We set out to create a smart operating room, but in the process, we created an architecture for the smart hospital that further accelerates healthcare’s digital transformation

What’s in a name?

The name ARTISIGHT (for ARTIficial SIGHT) reflects the purpose behind our platform’s design, which is to provide a digital 6th sense that captures and analyzes the operational events driving a healthcare organization’s financial performance.  Our reliance on intelligent sensors to provide this digital 6th sense is unique among healthcare’s productivity platforms, with the principle advantage of passively generating data that is both much cleaner, and captured at much more frequent intervals, than is possible with human documentation. 

It’s all about design. 

Leveraging artificial intelligence to drive productivity in healthcare is not as straightforward as it may seem, which is why healthcare is one of the few industries in the modern era that has actually become less productive over time. Artisight’s team of physicians, operational experts, and artificial intelligence researchers recognized, and set out to resolve, a fundamental conflict that exists between healthcare data and machine learning models. 

The truth about healthcare data: Much of the data residing in healthcare information systems is captured by humans who are rightfully more focused on taking care of patients than they are on collecting accurate operational and regulatory data. As a result, the data used to drive operational decision-making and regulatory compliance is all too often incomplete and inaccurate. 

The truth about machine learning: While deep learning algorithms generate insights that are nearly magical in their ability to increase productivity across industries, these artificial intelligence tools must be fed clean data in order to generate useful insights. Even the most mathematically elegant machine learning models in the world underperform when they ingest messy data.

With this conflict in mind, it became obvious to us that in order to effectively leverage deep learning algorithms in the analysis of healthcare’s productivity problems, we also needed to use intelligent, privacy-focused sensor technologies, rather than humans, to capture operational data. This approach has allowed us to design the world’s most advanced platform for driving productivity in healthcare.

Beginning and ending with privacy.

When it comes to privacy, Artisight is fortunate to be a healthcare data company founded in Illinois, as this constraint has forced us, from inception, to be a pioneer in digital privacy. Like many healthcare information technology companies, our platform is Healthcare Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) compliant. In addition, we are compliant with one of the world’s most stringent biometric information privacy laws, the Illinois Biometric Information Privacy Act (BIPA). From edge computing and storage that resides behind the firewall, to 3rd party validation of our de-identification protocols for HIPAA-compliance, privacy is a bedrock principle of our platform’s design. Artisight’s vision for a digital 6th sense in healthcare begins and ends with privacy.

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