Hospitals are facing the ultimate litmus test. Challenged with rising costs, physician burnout, increasing patient expectations and the demands of an aging population, there is no shortage of complications to address. In response, leading hospitals are getting “smarter” by embracing technology. They are transforming productivity, and improving outcomes to better meet rising expectations and demand. For hospitals, technology is providing a key competitive differentiator and important pathway to the future.

To punctuate the significance of this technology transformation trend, the estimated size of investment in smart hospitals in the U.S. is $28.2 billion in 2021, growing at 20.7% CAGR. Technology is the best way – and potentially the only way — for hospitals to tackle these multiple and escalating challenges.


The good news, the bad news

For hospitals, embarking on this vital technology transformation involves a dynamic, multi-year journey. Starting points typically include the adoption of one or two application-based solutions, such as Telemonitoring, Telehealth, or Operating Room Coordinator.

 The good news is that these initial technology investments often deliver fast returns. These returns help justify additional investments and pave the way for new applications as hospitals scale. However, because smart hospital transformation is a journey, it is how the journey is started that sets the stage for the way the rest unfolds.

The bad news? While taking an application-by-application, or piecemeal approach to implementation can deliver short-term returns, it trades off longer-term effectiveness. Specifically, hospitals must first establish an open, scalable solution platform (or foundation) with their initial investment vs. adopt technology vendor-by-vendor. Without an open, scalable platform that allows for smarter growth and expansion, technology investments will cost more time and money, limit outcomes, and may result in a “rip and replace” consequence later down the road.

The bottom line: Hospitals must establish the proper technology foundation early in the process. An open, scalable platform layer is the most important first step of the entire journey.


What is a platform?

At Artisight, we use Internet of Things (IoT) sensors and Artificial Intelligence based on NVIDIA Clara Guardian and powered by NVIDIA GPU compute. IoT sensors passively collect information, such as data inputs from cameras, microphones, Bluetooth / ultra-wide band, and real time locating systems (RTLS). That input is then processed through AI algorithms and is programmed to trigger automated responses or actions. Trigger actions, for example, include setting a flag in the EHR without clinical intervention, or notifying a surgeon that her case has left Pre-Op and is going to the operating room. Therefore, the Artisight platform is comprised of the hardware, software and algorithms needed to create these insights and actions.


What makes a platform open and scalable?

A platform with an open API system (Application Programming Interface) can readily integrate with other information and systems. An open API is able to receive and send information with other hospital systems and sensors to  provide a more seamless, comprehensive, and integrated experience. The open API  offers a streamlined and financially sound way to expand applications as novel capabilities develop.

Additionally, an open, scalable platform can consolidate algorithms on one server and easily update and add new algorithms and applications as emerging use cases and challenges arise.

Artisight is passionate about smart hospitals. Our goal is to catalyze and streamline the entire transformational journey via a secure, scalable  approach while providing investment protection. Upon an Artisight solution purchase, a hospital will receive all algorithms available at the time of purchase. Further, hospitals will receive all new algorithms associated with that solution developed during the time period of the hospital’s contract at no additional charge.



Smart hospitals focus on starting their technology transformation with the right foundation, an open, scalable platform on which to build and grow. The alternative – a series of piece-meal application solutions – leads to wasted time and money and limits outcomes.  As with most things in life, building a solid foundation first is the crucial and most important step to a successful journey.

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