POLICY NAME: Information Security and Privacy Policy   


ISSUE DATE: September 2018

REVISED DATE:  January 2022



Artisight, Inc. licenses its software and data services to hospitals as tools to help collect and aggregate data to help coordinate events, personnel, and procedures for multiple settings in the healthcare environment.  It collects data from a variety of sources, including video cameras that monitor the status of these spaces and assist in the management functions of their software in addition to generating data for optimization problems. With artificial intelligence, the software is able to monitor an area for specific events and assets to coordinate highly efficient processes on a large scale.

For the privacy of patients and hospital staff, our software does not store videos, unless requested by the client. If videos are stored it is behind the client’s firewall in their data center. All video footage is the client’s data. 

The software collects information related to time stamped events. The software itself generates and reports on quality metrics, timestamps, and other information reported to the hospital.  

We do not sell, share or rent Personal Information under any circumstances. We do not store Personal Information. 

Among other things, the hardware on which our software runs is located on client premises and thus are protected by our customers’ firewalls and physical security measures. Some of our services will run in the cloud on Microsoft Azure per our clients’ requests. All data and video transmissions are encrypted with the TLS 1.2 encryption protocol. 


Artisight, Inc. is responsible for the interpretation and revision of this policy.

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