Clinic Coordinator

Visualize Bottlenecks in Clinical Workflows While Enhancing Patient Experience

Common logistical problems faced by most clinics: patients whose location in the facility cannot be determined, hour-plus long waits to move from one point in the workflow to the next, a mid-day peak in patient volume that taxes staff and resources, and unpredictable overtime requirements for staff. The result of these problems are decreased patient and staff satisfaction and suboptimal operational performance.

Artisight's Clinic Coordinator Solution

Real-time notifications keep patients informed of wait-times and delays, while enhanced analytics give staff the tools and visibility to drive process improvements that benefit patients and clinicians alike.

Actionable Data

By passively capturing important clinical workflow events like patient registration, patient lab draw, and patient/clinician arrival/exit in clinic room, Artisight’s smart tracking system captures highly granular, actionable, data. With this data in hand, clinic leaders are empowered to drive meaningful productivity gains and enhance patient experience.


  • High precision location tracking of patients facilitates a concierge waiting room experience
  • Dashboards and SMS texts give real-time updates to patients and staff
  • Passive check-in and check-out between sequential stages of a clinical pathway
  • Advanced interoperability for bidirectional integration with the EHR in real-time
  • Real-time and retrospective analytics provide leaders with the information needed to drive increased efficiency

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