Operating Room Coordinator

Privacy-Centric Computer Vision and IoT Sensors that Drive OR Productivity Gains

Since operating rooms are where most of a hospital’s profits are generated, it is essential for modern healthcare organizations to optimize the capacity and efficiency of this resource.

Artisight's Operating Room Coordinator Solution

On a foundation of enhanced communication and prediction, Artisight can enable OR optimization in multiple dimensions (time, instrument utilization, staffing, documentation, etc.) to reduce a hospital’s cost structure and increase profitability. More importantly, this platform allows clinicians to focus on safe and efficient OR throughput.

Actionable Data

By capturing data points like surgeon in/out of OR time, patient in/out of OR time, and the location of equipment, Artisight’s RTLS system captures highly granular, actionable, data that drive meaningful productivity gains. When hospital leaders have access to analytics like under-and-over utilized OR time, overtime hours, hours and wages tables, as well as under-and-over booking data, they are empowered to make decisions with a meaningful impact on a hospital’s bottom line.


  • Intelligent cameras and Bluetooth sensors passively capture and document critical workflow events
  • Pioneering and independently validated de-identification protocols ensure clinician and patient privacy
  • Machine learning algorithms generate accurate operational data in real-time
  • Advanced interoperability for bidirectional integration with the EHR in real-time
  • Highly granular analytics provide administrators with the information needed to drive increased efficiency

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