Smart Telemonitoring

Smart Cameras for Inpatient Monitoring, Fall Prevention, and Bed Management

Too often clinicians and administrators must physically go into a room to check the status of a patient or a room. This is a drain on human resources and may unnecessarily result in close contact with patients in isolation.

Artisight's Smart Telemonitoring Solution

Artisight telemonitoring is a high-definition digital window into patient rooms. These smart cameras may be configured to use cases as simple as checking-in on patients remotely, or as advanced as using computer vision to detect signs of agitation and setting and alerting clinicians.

One Camera, Many Use Cases

The Artisight telemonitoring product was designed to be a platform that provides ROI on day one, with the ability to add additional use cases in the future. Telemonitoring serves as piece of digital infrastructure on top of which solutions like telesitting, bed status management dashboards, pressure ulcer prevention, and many others may be added.


  • Monitor 12 patients per screen, and multiple screens per monitoring room  
  • Viewable from any on-premises desktop with Google Chrome browser   
  • Mobile and fixed solutions are available
  • Machine learning algorithms detect movements associated with falls and agitation before they occur
  • Automated alarms and pre-recorded patient alerts
  • 2-way audio with push-to-talk functionality
  • Intuitive on-screen controls for responsive pan, tilt, and zoom
  • Privacy screen for patient privacy and staff autonomy



  • Reduced one-to-one sitter costs
  • More frequent clinician check-ins with patients
  • Real-time bed management status dashboards with computer vision enabled object detection and EHR integration

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