Thermal Screening

Healthcare-Grade Thermal Screening Designed from the Ground-Up by Physicians

The COVID-19 pandemic places tremendous operational and financial pressure on healthcare and corporate leaders to provide a clinically validated thermal screening solution while reducing staffing costs.

Artisight's Thermal Screening Solution

For organizations committed to temperature screening, a staff-free, high volume thermal screening solution is needed. This system must be compliant with the most stringent privacy protections, provide temperature data consistent with core body temperature, provide multiple alert modalities, and facilitate autonomous screening.

Actionable Data

As with all Artisight products, capturing highly granular, actionable operational data forms the foundation of our platform’s capabilities. Our thermal screening solution captures useful analytical data like number of unique individuals scanned, number of individuals with elevated temperature detected, and the ratio of elevated/non-elevated temperatures detected by date. We also capture performance data from our systems in a HIPAA-compliant manner that allows us to optimize system performance in the background.


  • Ability to screen thousands of people per hour
  • Continuous black body calibration for accuracy to within +/- 0.3 °C
  • Ability to detect all skin tones, heights, and ages - regardless of lighting conditions
  • Bluetooth integration allows fully autonomous screening
  • Intuitive multi-touch and slider-based interface controls advanced AI features
  • Multiple alert modalities - visual, audio, and email with pictures
  • Healthcare-grade privacy and security that does not utilize biometric information

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