Platform Overview
The operating system for smart hospitals developed by physicians and nurses.
With a focus on enterprise-grade stability and interoperability, the Artisight platform marries smart sensors, deep learning, and modern integrations to enhance clinical care and improve financial performance.

Patient Room of the Future

Operating Room of the Future

Clinic of the Future

Command Center of the Future

Rehab Facilities of the Future

Assisted Living of the Future

Exceptional service delivered by Artisight and its partners.
Technology Partners
Deployed hospitals


Deployed facilities

Completed hours of patient monitoring


Nursing satisfaction scores


Completed telehealth calls


Reduction in falls


Compliance with pressure ulcer prevention protocols

7 sec.

Median response time to nursing call initiation


Reduction in nursing turnover


Reduction in nursing overtime


Reduction in remote sitter costs


Increase in surgical procedure volume
Patient Room of the Future

Remote Patient Monitoring

Virtual Nursing

Virtual Pharmacist

Virtual Rounding

Virtual EHR Go-Live Support

Translation Services

Hospital at Home

Operating Room of the Future

Operating Room Coordination

Surgical Education
and Video Assessment

Clinic of the future

Clinic Coordination

Automated Check-in

Patient Notifications

Command Center of the Future

Inpatient Capacity Management

Discharge Facilitation

Hand Hygiene Compliance

Supply Closet Inventory Management

Loading Dock Receiving

Assisted Living Facility of the Future

Fall Prevention

Activity of Daily Living Monitoring


Virtual Nursing

Platform sensor capabilities

Computer Vision
Healthcare's only HIPAA-certified development process tailors each computer vision algorithm to each client site using a patent protected process.

Indoor Positioning Systems

Industry leading accuracy to +/- 10 inches in 3D space with tags whose batteries last 2-5 years.

Vitals Monitoring

FDA class 2-cleared, non-invasive vital signs monitoring.

Voice Recognition

Rapidly programmable and deployable commands.

Video Conferencing

High quality two way audio and video with existing hospital hardware (TVs, cameras, speakers, etc).


Automated compliance reports.



Implementing AI in healthcare will be transformational but getting there is a journey . Proud to see our President, Stephanie Lahr, MD, CHCIO participating in the thought provoking conversations needed for success!

Apr 18, 2023

At HIMSS23, Artisight President Stephanie Lahr, MD, CHCIO, emphasizes the importance of tech partnerships to advance innovation without reinventing the wheel. She stated that partnerships allow for more efficient use of resources and accelerate change...

Apr 14, 2023

Check out this #keynote with Stephanie and SVP and CIO of SimonMed Imaging Lee David Milligan, MD, CHCIO to hear more wisdom from former CIOs.
How can you continue to innovate, manage finances, and lead well as a CIO?


Oct 13, 2022

Baker Tilly and Artisight collaborate to improve financial performance and address staffing shortage within hospitals...

Press Release

Andrew Gostine, MD, MBA
Chief Executive Officer

Tim Koby, PhD, MBA
Chief Science Officer

Garrett Larance
Chief Operating Officer

Stephanie Lahr, MD

Vikas Ghayal, MHA
Chief Strategy Officer
Chris Heddon, DO
Chief Product Officer

Karie Ryan, RN, MS, BSN
Chief Nursing Officer

Rob Ringham
Chief Technology Officer

Rhonda Collins, DNP, RN, FAAN
Chief Clinical Officer

Jake Neiman, CPA
Chief Financial Officer


At Artisight, our mission is to drive healthcare forward with a combination of cutting edge technology and a deep understanding of healthcare. If you are interested in hearing about our open positions or resonate with our mission, send us an email at

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